Ranked 11th in the Nation for Green Markets!

The Vero Beach Farmers Market was started in 2007 by the Oceanside Business Association and is currently hosted by Business Inspiring Kindness, Inc., a Florida not for profit corporation. Our mission is to provide exposure, economic growth, and educational opportunities for small businesses and nonprofit organizations in Vero Beach.


The Vero Beach Farmers Market offers a large range of healthy, fresh foods and horticultural products to the residents and visitors of Vero Beach. We encourage Re-Cycling, using Earth Friendly Products, increasing local commerce, entertainment and trade for Vero Beach.

The Farmers Market Oceanside is pet-friendly, but all animals must be on a leash at all times. Please consider the temperature in the summertime if you bring your pet, the asphalt gets extremely hot on paw pads.

Vendor Spotlight


Aunt Zorada Farm

Archie and Zorada Smith passed Aunt Zorada farm to their son Mark Smith in 1979. They  produced corn , soybeans , wheat and straw, pumpkins and alfalfa. In the 80s their already large gardens turned into truck patches and from those their vegetable business began. Today, Aunt Zorada is a vegetable, herb and flower farm set up for green market sales at the Vero Beach Farmers Market.


They also sell to local chefs searching for locally grown produce. Heirloom tomatoes, Kohlrabi, Kale, Arugula, sugary sweet red beets, and swiss chard are just a few of the vegetables they like to grow.


In the heat of the summer, solar sterilization is set up on the preplanned beds. Planting begins at Labor Day for the winter season and the beds are recovered with plastic mulch and drip irrigation. Look for their produce at local markets October thru May.

Schacht Groves

In the 1990’s,  a global oversupply of citrus fruit contributed to the demise of many small citrus farms. Small growers could not compete with the large agri-business corporations. To survive, Schacht Groves focused its business around selling the freshest fruit, juice, and jelly directly to the consumer via its gift fruit catalog, website, and retail store.


Today, Schacht Groves encompasses 145 acres—very small by citrus grove standards—and it’s still a family operation. Henry F. Schacht and his son, Louis, now run the groves’ gift fruit shipping service, which fills thousands of orders each season.

If you’re in Vero Beach, stop by the Vero Beach Farmers Market or go take a little tour of Schact Groves and the fruit shipping operation to see firsthand the love and care that go into each carton of citrus.

Market Recipes