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The Vero Beach Farmers Market is proud to share our amazing vendors and their wonderful products with the community!


Enjoy items such as fresh and organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, beautiful flowers, breads, pastries and other baked goods. Our vendors bring a variety of gourmet and artisanal products such as pickles, honey, dips, sauces, fresh pasta, rare cheese, dog treats, local art and more!  


Akamai Accents

Air Plants, Bromeliads, Cactus, Crafted Sea Grass Baskets & Rare Collectible Orchids

Year Round Vendor


Birdie Hogan

Family owned farm raising local, grassfed, grass finished, USDA  beef and naturally grown produce.

Seasonal Vendor


Chef Lippe

Artisanal Cheeses, Charcuterie, and World Class Meals with Special Dietary Menus

Year Round Vendor


Ash & Earth

​Our all natural product line includes candles, soaps, bath bombs, lip balms and more!

Year Round Vendor

Bragg Botanical.jpg

Bragg Family Soaps

Hand crafted soaps that are glycerin based, french milled & cold processed. Sulfate Free. All Natural.

Year Round Vendor

Culinary Escapes.webp

Culinary Escapes

Pies cakes, muffins, breads, and savories of all kinds with an international flair.

Year Round Vendor


Aunt Zorada

Heirloom tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash, chard, greens, beets, beans, bok choi,  & more! 

Seasonal Vendor

Veggie Box.jpg

Brown Family Farms

Local farm that supplements with retail produce and exotic mushrooms year round. 

Year Round Vendor

Docs Gourmet Popcorn.jpg

Doc's Gourmet Popcorn

Specializing in Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn, Cheese Corn and other gourmet flavors. 

Year Round Vendor


Beebs Beans

Fresh, microroasted, organic and fair trade coffee from the Treasure Coast Coffee Company. 

Year Round Vendor



Satisfy Your Cravings! Real Maryland Crab Cakes, Soup, Seafood, And Other Delights since 1971!

Year Round Vendor

Dog Days Barkery.jpg

Dog Days Barkery

Preservative free dog treats made with all natural ingredients. Grain and gluten free available!

Year Round Vendor

Farms of Florida

Farms of Florida Produce Buddies

Retail produce vendor sourcing only the finest seasonal fruits and vegetables!

Year Round Vendor

Heidi Hill Studios.jpg

HHill Studios

Gorgeous pottery, sculpture, photography & painting by local freelance artist at HHill Studios. 

Year Round Vendor

JC's Bread.jpg

JC's Bread

Artisan bakery focused on delicious pastries, breads, and goodies baked fresh for the market!

Year Round Vendor


Mommy & Me Superfoods



Delicious dehydrated fruit snacks for kids and adults alike.

Year Round Vendor

Frank's Cafe.jpg

Frank's Cafe

Breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and lunch menu with smoked ribs, pork, chicken and more!

Year Round Vendor

Hot Dog King.jpg

Hot Dog King

Specialty Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Sausage, Pork Rinds and Waffle Pops on a stick! 

Seasonal Vendor



Delicious probiotic Kombucha  brewed in wine barrels to maximize the health of the SCOBY. 

Year Round Vendor

Doctor Pickle.JPEG

Mister Pickle



Hand crafted, small batch pickles and pickled products, garlic, ginger, jalepeno and sauerkraut.

Year Round Vendor

Garden of Esther.jpg

Garden of Esther

Handcrafted egg-based, vegan or gluten-free pasta  in a delicious variety of shapes and flavors. 

Seasonal Vendor

Il Giardino.jpg

Il Giardino

Italian caterer serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. with Specialty Sausage and Peppers!

Year Round Vendor

La Montagne.JPG

La Montagne des Saveurs

The finest French cheese including Manchego, Comete, raclette, Beaufort, Asiago, & more!​

Year Round Vendor


Nazhi thee Baker

Teenage Pastry Chef specializing in mini Bundt cakes, custom cakes, banana bread and more!

Year Round Vendor

A Heavenly Pie

A Heavenly Pie

Hand made, award winning pies, cakes, and cookies with the finest, freshest ingredients.


Seasonal Vendor

I Love You Peanut.jpg

I Love You Peanut



Delicious Nut Butters and more!

Year Round Vendor

Le Petit Pain.jpg

Le Petit Pain

Authentic French bakery with flaky croissants, apple turnovers, tarts, Danish, scones, quiche and more!

Seasonal Vendor

The Native Bird.jpg

The Native Bird

A boutique wild bird supply company specializing in hand mixed seed blends without fillers.

Year Round Vendor

Okeechobee Farms.jpg

Okeechobee Farms

Locally grown grass-fed beef, lamb, chicken, pork, bacon, Kimchi, kraut, soup and more!

Year Round Vendor

Pepper Trail Farm.jpg

Pepper Trail Farm

Local vegetable farm growing peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, and more! 

Seasonal Vendor

Rhonda's Seafood.jpg

Rhonda's Seafood

Fresh fish, lobster, shrimp, sea scallops, crabmeat, stone crab claws, clams, oysters, mussels and more.

Year Round Vendor

Sweet Blendz.jpg

Sweet Blendz

Delicious, cold Acai Berry Bowls loaded with fresh fruit and healthy seed toppings, customized to you!

Year Round Vendor

Trish's Garden.jpg

Trish's Garden

Fellsmere Farm with beautiful landscape plants, starter kits, rosemary topiaries, and summer jelly!

Year Round Vendor

Osceola Organic.jpg

Osceola Organic

Certified Organic Farm since 1996 with lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, chard and more.

Seasonal Vendor

Pioneer Orchard.jpg

Pioneer Orchard

Local farm growing bananas, avocados, peppers, plantains and more! 

Seasonal Vendor

Schacht Groves.png

Schacht Groves

Schacht Groves is a family owned and operated citrus farm also offering jellies, juice, unique gifts and more!

Seasonal Vendor

Tall Pines.JPEG

Tall Pines Apiary

Charter vendor and Local Beekeeper Pete brings four different kinds of honey and combs to the market!

Year Round Vendor

Wang and Dickerson.jpg

Wang & Dickerson

Certified Taiwanese Tea Master offering hand blended tea known for rich aromas and nuanced flavors.

Year Round Vendor


Otton Woodworking

We create custom, useful wood art like cutting boards, pens, bowls, pepper grinders & more! 

Year Round Vendor

Pueo Farms.jpg

Pueo Farms​

Vero Beach farm growing seasonal, quality produce using regenerative practices for healthy soil & produce.

Seasonal Vendor

Silky Hands Happy Feet.jpg

Silky Hands, Happy Feet

Scrubs, Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Clay Face Mask kits, Beard Oils, Balms, Beard combs, brushes and more!

Year Round Vendor

The Bug Juice.jpg

The Bug Juice

 All Natural No-See-Um & Mosquito repellent. No chemicals, no DEET, no water, no alcohol, No BITE!

Year Round Vendor

Young's Produce.jpg

Young's Produce


Family owned produce retail store offering delicious, budget friendly fruits, vegetables and more!

Year Round Vendor

The Pattie Lady.jpg

The Pattie Lady

Authentic Bahamian food: Conch salad, Conch fritters,  Rum Cake, Guava Rolls & Bahamian Patties.

Year Round Vendor

Pure Produce.jpg

Pure Produce

Hydroponic Farm growing, beefsteak tomatoes, baby cucumbers, peppers, fancy lettuces, and various herbs.

Year Round Vendor


Sown Simply

Herb and vegetable​

seed starter kits that

you can grow at home -

a great craft for kids!

Year Round Vendor

The Giving Seed.jpg

The Giving Seed

Nourishing vegan dips + spreads to conveniently enhance every meal for extraordinary health.

Year Round Vendor

Zesty Fox Farm.jpg

Zesty Fox Farms

Local farm specializing in all natural, high quality microgreens, petite greens, and wheatgrass.

Year Round Vendor

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