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Before sending in your application, please read below for answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions as well as our operating practices.

Vendors and all their employees should be thoroughly familiar with our operating practices.

    All members of the Vero Beach Farmers Market will behave courteously towards customers, board members, staff and volunteers in a way that promotes community, camaraderie, and a spirit of cooperative involvement. Negatively discussing other vendors at the market with customers or other vendors is strictly prohibited.
    HOURS OF OPERATION: 8:00 am till 12:00 pm, every Saturday. All vendors must be completely set up in their Booths by 8:00a.m, unless they have made prior arrangements with the Market Manager. Vendors must notify the market manager at least 24 hours in advance via text message with the date of the absence and the reason for missing the market. Text 772.321.7952 ​
    BOOTH FEES: $30 per tent, with a $5 surcharge for electricity, and includes Indian River County Sales Tax. Payment is required the day of the market. Vendors will NOT be allowed to set up until past obligations have been cleared. ABSENTEE FEE SCHEDULE: In Season (Nov - May): All vendors are required to pay for their space in full ($30/tent) whether in attendance or not. Absentee fees will be collected upon return to the market. *Farmers are exempt before their harvest season begins and once it ends. Out of Season (June - Oct): Vendors are required to pay 50% of their regular booth fee for each week they are absent out of season. *Farmers are exempt if they cannot produce out of season. RESERVING A BOOTH OUT OF SEASON: If not attending the market out of season, vendors can reserve space for the following season by paying 50% of their booth fees for each week that the vendor does not maintain a presence at the Farmers Market. If space is not reserved for season, Vendor must reapply and will be added to the waitlist until space becomes available. Only farmers and vendors who have attended full time for 3 years may qualify to take time off during summer and reserve a booth. All payments and deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions.
    The Vero Beach Farmers Market is a rain or shine market. It is very rare that the market is cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions such as hurricanes, lightning, or rain and high winds that make vending impossible. Except in the event of hurricanes, the market will NOT make a determination to cancel the market in advance. Being located on the ocean means that more often than not, bad weather blows over very quickly or misses us entirely. If you are a vendor with a perishable food product, we suggest you make a decision as to the weather for yourself in advance. Billing: If the market is cancelled prior to 10am, no fee will be assessed for the day. If the market is cancelled after 10am, full payment will be due. If weather conditions are such that payment cannot be collected that day, it will be due the following week. If a market is cancelled during operations, vendors MUST pack up and go home immediately. This is non-negotiable. In the event the market is cancelled the morning of, or in advance, vendors must NOT set up.
    The Market Manager will make Booth assignments. Your space is assigned to you, and it is not transferable. You can request a transfer to a new space, but you will have to wait until one opens up.
    Set-up: 6:00 - 8:00am. All vehicles must be off the premises by 8:00am. Vehicles are permitted to enter the market to unload products and must be removed prior to setting up your booth. Breakdown: Due to liability, vehicles are not allowed onto premises until 12:15pm to allow customers time to vacate the premises.
    Each vendor is responsible for cleaning his/her space. All food vendors must use a covering under any cooking. NO oil is to reach the ground. Vendors are responsible for removing all garbage and boxes from their area. Spaces are to be left in the same condition as they are found. Garbage may be disposed of in the dumpster at Humiston Park. It is strictly prohibited for vendors to dump their garbage in the city trash cans or Seacoast Bank Dumpster. Vendors caught improperly disposing of their trash will receive one warning and further violations will result in a $30 fine per violation.
    Parking is prohibited in the Seacoast Bank Parking Lot and in the Parking Garage and it’s attached parking lots. Business owners WILL tow market vendors and/or have them ticketed. Please respect neighboring businesses and do not park in those areas. Parking in the church parking lot is donated by St. Paul's Church. Standard sized vehicles are welcome to park but please no oversized trucks and/or trailers.
    · Market Manager reserves the right to assign spaces and relocate vendors at any time for any reason. · Exhibit Space is generally defined as 10’ x 10’. · All vendors are required to set up under 10x10 tents canopies, unless the vendor is approved as a Micro Vendor by management. · Tent weights are required at all times in case of high winds. · Use of city property, such as light poles, sculptures, etc. to secure the canopies is prohibited. · Market Manager reserves the right to assign and locate all vendors · Sharing of Booth space is not permitted. · All signs and displays must remain within the allotted vendor’s exhibit space and must not block traffic or pedestrian ingress or egress, or interfere with other vendors’ displays or views. Signs should be anchored as to not blow or fall in case of wind. · All products must be sold, displayed and stored from a surface above the ground. All vendors must utilize tables, shelves, cases and other structures for these purposes.
    PRODUCT QUALITY: The Vero Beach Farmers Market strives to provide a market place where fresh and wholesome, quality products are sold. If product quality suffers, it is at the sole discretion of the Market Manager to dismiss a vendor. PRODUCT APPROVAL: Permitted Market Items: The VBFM Board and Market Manager reserve the right to limit products and numbers of vendors for the benefit of the Farmer’s Market as a whole. Vendor applications must include a complete list of products to be sold. Only those approved products listed on the application will be allowed for sale. Any vendor selling any item(s) not listed on their most recent application and not approved by Market Management or the Board must stop selling those item(s) immediately at the request of the Market Manager, in order to participate in the Market. If a vendor would like to request new product approval, please supply written notification to the Market Manager for review and approval prior to selling. The sale or consumption of drugs or alcoholic beverages on the market site is strictly prohibited!
    Pricing of goods sold at the Market is solely the responsibility of the individual vendor. It is a violation of federal law to discuss pricing with other vendors. Any vendor found in violation of federal law will be immediately removed from the market.
    Vendor smoking is prohibited within the farmer's market, please go to the parking areas if you need to smoke.
    State law restricts use of the phrase “Certified Organic” and "Organic" to those who have been certified by the Department of Agriculture. Vendors who advertise products as organic will need to provide proof of Organic Licensing. If it is a resale product, you will need to provide proof that your re-sale products are organic. All vendors are required to advertise truthfully.
    HEALTH PRACTICES: All vendors must adhere to sanitary procedures as outlined by the Indian River County Health Department. Any vendor found selling contaminated foodstuffs or produce, or selling in the Market without proper health precautions, shall be suspended from selling operations until satisfactory clearance has been obtained from the Indian River Health Department and the Market Manager. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting their own sales tax. Vendors must abide by all Federal, State, County and City laws, regulations and ordinances, and are responsible for all permits/licenses required by the United States of America, the State of Florida, Indian River County, and the City of Vero Beach. Vendors must provide the Market Manger with evidence of compliance prior to entry into the market, and upon request anytime thereafter. Vendors are required to obtain and maintain individual General Liability insurance against any claim that may occur at the Farmer’s Market Oceanside Vero Beach. Business Inspiring Kindness must be listed as additional insured on the Certificate of Insurance and a copy provided to the market manager. Yearly renewals should be promptly submitted to the market manager every year. By signing a copy of the Market Rules, the vendor agrees to waive any and all liability of the Farmer’s Market Oceanside, Vero Beach for claims, actions or damages.
    FOOD VENDORS: Prior to selling at the Market, all prepared food vendors will show appropriate Health Department certification to the Market Manager. These permits must be kept with you during Market hours, and presented upon request. PRODUCE / MEAT VENDORS: Farm vendors must submit an application to the Market Manager. The applicant must grow produce/meats. No wholesale brokers will be allowed beyond those already grandfathered into the market. Exceptions will be considered if a wholesale space opens up due to a vendor dropping out of the market. Selection is made on the basis of quality and freshness. CRAFT VENDORS: Craft vendors must submit an application to the Market Manager. All items must be hand made by the vendor selling them. Selections will be made on the basis of quality, originality, and space availability. Eligible crafts are described as “Handmade, home & garden decorative accessories.” Market Manager and Market Vendor Committee must pre-screen all crafts, submission of good quality photos will be acceptable. PLANT VENDORS: Plant vendors must submit an application and nursery license to the Market Manager. Selections will be made on the basis of quality, originality, and space availability. COTTAGE FOOD VENDORS: Cottage food vendors are vendors whose products fall under the FL Dept. of Agriculture’s Cottage Food Act. Cottage food vendors will be required to have proper labeling on all products and must follow the Department of Agriculture’s guidelines. MICRO VENDORS: Micro Vendors are vendors whose products fit with in an area that is less than half of a 10’x10’ space. Micro Vendors will be allowed to set up under an umbrella that is firmly anchored against the wind. Booth fees remain the same.
    MARKET MANAGER: Failure to comply with the Market rules can result in suspension, expulsion or fines from the Vero Beach Farmers Market at the discretion of the Market Manager. The Market Manager has the authority to order and remove any person or Vendor from the Market who is guilty of any violation of these Market regulations, or who may be guilty of violation of any ordinances of the City, county, or state laws, or who fails to comply with requests of the Market Manager. The Market Manager is responsible for enforcing all market and public safety regulations including space assignments, market fee collection, and market rules and regulations. In the event an issue arises between vendors, the Manager has the final say as to the resolution of the problem. FARMERS MARKET BOARD: The BIK Farmers Market Chair has final authority in resolving issues in a civil and efficient manner if the Market Manager has been unable to resolve the issue satisfactorily. In any situation, the Market Manager’s decision must be adhered to until such a time that the BIK Board of Directors chooses to reverse or change it. The BIK Board of Directors reserves the right to expel at any time, for any reason, any vendor that is non-compliant with the by-laws, codes, rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Vero Beach Farmers Market. GRIEVANCE POLICY: The Market Manager is responsible for enforcing the market rules. Violations will be discussed and resolution attempted. Vendors selling prohibited items will be asked to remove those items from sale or leave the market. Unresolved problems will be referred to the Board of Directors. Any Vendor who challenges another vendor’s product(s) legitimacy, display or conduct must file a written complaint with the Market Manager, giving the name of the vendor and the specifics of the situation that may not be in compliance with market rules. The complainant must date and sign the complaint and the Market Manager will attempt resolution. If resolution is not possible, the complaint will be referred to the Board. The Market Manager has the right to impose disciplinary action at the Market site. Vendors have the right to appeal a decision within two weeks of any disciplinary action. The Market Manager has the authority to grant exceptions to the market policies on an individual basis. Should any vendor, at any time, occupy the premises in a manner contrary to this agreement, upon request of Market Manager, the vendor shall immediately cease such offending conduct. Failure to immediately comply as requested shall be cause for revocation of daily privilege to sell at the market and may result in expulsion from the market. Upon revocation vendor shall promptly vacate premises. Upon failure to vacate, the Market shall have removed all property of vendor from the premises at vendor’s expense. The market is relieved and discharged from any all / loss or damage caused by such removal. The Market shall not be responsible for storage or safekeeping of property so removed. CUSTOMER DISSATISFACTION: In the event of customer dissatisfaction, the dispute must be resolved to the satisfaction of the customer and Market Manager in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in the removal of the vendor from the market.
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